Ways to reach us

From Thessaloniki, the shortest drive is through Veroia and Kastania. You will not drive more than 4 hours, while the landscapes you meet will impress you. If you want to move “off road”, we propose you to move in the classic way Thessalonica - Grevena, from there you ascend to the Ski Centre of Vasilitsa and then you follow eastern course that crosses the valley of Aoos. You will meet villages forgotten from time, high in your left you, the Alpine tops of Timfi, while in right you will have the imposing Smolika. Το θέαμα είναι μάλλον μοναδικό στην Ελλάδα. The spectacle is rather unique in Greece. From Vasilitsa up to Konitsa you will cover 60 kilometres of wild natural beauty. This way potentially is not approachable when the weather is bad.

From Athens, έyou have the following alternatives:

  • Follow the National road Athens - Patra up to Rio, you pass the bridge Rio – Antirrio or with the ferry in Antirrio and follow the national road passing from Agrinio, Amfilochia, Arta with destination to Ioannina. From there following the street to Kozani, you will find Konitsa after 45 minutes. This is the quickest alternative.
  • Follow the National Road Athens - Lamia up to the bypass for Delphi, where you leave also the motorway, in order to meet very beautiful southern beaches of Sterea Greece. You will pass from Galaxidi, Itea, Naypaktos until you meet the National Road Patra - Ioannina, from there you will follow the same course with way 1 (Agrinio, Amfilochia, Arta, Ioannina.
  • Follow the Follow the National Road up to the height of Lamia, where you turn in the bypass for Domoko. You will drive endless straight lines to the heart of Thessalian plain, passing from Karditsa, Trikala and Kalampaka, next to evocative Meteora. hen you will vertical cross Pindos, following the astonishing beauty drive from the passage of Katara, you will meet Metsovo and little later you will meet Ioannina. From there you will continue north in the National road to Kozani and 45 minutes later you will find Konitsa.

By air:

  • Athens – Ioannina: Three daily flights (two with Olympic Airways, one with Aegean)

From Ioannina you can arrive to Konitsa either by bus, or with a rented car.
Konitsa is 64 klmfar from Ioannina.
Konitsa is connected by road with all villages of province with long distance buses.