The Location

Gazing Aoos

From the highest point of the stone bridge you will enjoy the magnificence of the river and take a first flavor from the wild beauty of Aoos gorge. In the other side bank, you can realize an astonishing, but easy at the same time pedestrian way along the river. The uphill path will lead you after course of 1, 5 hour to the Stomiou Monastery (was built in 1774), which is in a unique position, with view to Aoos gorge.

The awe of Vikos

Little more southerly from the Aoos watercourse and near to village Kleidonia you will meet the river Voidomatis. In a point with big planes, erects his stature another one impressive one arch stone bridge , built in 1853. From the ridge you can look faraway the northern utmost Vikos - southerner finds itself 16 kilometres afar, near to Monodentri. You can easily reach Konitsa from the Ioannina – Kozani national road.

The Aoos – Voidomatis plane

Little higher from the last houses of Konitsa, in rock that litteraly "hangs" above the town, is located the country church of Profitis Ilias. Until here you will come with your car, following the turnpike street (5 km), in order to enjoy the better view of region: The urban group of Konitsa, the closing of the rivers Aoos and Voidomatis, the mountainous volume of Nemertsika.

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Interesting Ways

  • St. Varvara
  • Vasilitsa
  • Gerakofolia (nests of falcons)
  • Trapezitsa (2025m height)
  • Smolikas (2630m height)
  • Bourazani
  • Ganadio
  • Aristi
  • Papigo
  • Zagori, Monodendri
  • Molivdoskepasti Monastery
  • Byzantine and Islamic castle Konitsa
  • Baths of Kavasila, Amarantos
  • Stomio Monatery
  • Vikos Canyon